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Scholé Academy December Lecture Hall with Joshua Gibbs
"What Should You Watch? A Selection on Film from Love What Lasts"

When you’re in the mood for a movie, how do you choose what you’ll watch? Given that the average American now spends more than a hundred hours every year just scrolling through Netflix menus, it is safe to assume that most Americans don’t know how to pick a movie. The way in which Christians choose what to watch is quite complicated. They want to be entertained, they want to be enlightened, but they also want to keep their finger on the cultural pulse of the country. What considerations ought to have top priority?

In this lecture, Joshua Gibbs reads the first chapter of Love What Lasts, his sprawling new book about how we choose what to watch, read, eat, wear, worship, and listen to. The first chapter of Love What Lasts is all about film—how film has changed since the 60s, how Christian viewing strategies have changed in the last generation, and what sort of questions confront the man who now has unlimited viewing options. If you often find yourself debating what to watch, are regularly disappointed with your choices, or simply want to have better taste in film—or better taste in general—this reading from Love What Lasts will help get you thinking in a new direction.

Dec 12, 2022 07:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Joshua Gibbs
Author, Speaker, and Teacher @Gibbs Classical
Joshua Gibbs teaches classic literature to children & adults and offers consulting via GibbsClassical.com. He writes for the CiRCE Institute blog The Cedar Room, his long running column on pedagogy, parenting, and classical literature. He is the creator of the weekly Proverbial podcast in which he works through one proverb, discussing its meaning for a modern audience. Josh is also the author of several books, including Something They Will Not Forget and the forthcoming Love What Lasts. To contact Joshua Gibbs, please use the inquiry form on GibbsClassical.com.